Branding & Web Design

THE GURU DESIGNERS are creative and on top of the most innovative technologies and art work. Our designs are responsive to any environment, web optimized and follow at best your brand’s guidelines.

We guarantee you professional designs, fast and flexible

Website & Apps Development

We are Level 10 warrior Developers!

With the “anything can be done” approach, we provide you reliable coding that we treat like mantras

Domain Names & Emails

THE WEB GURU will provide you options for your business’ domain name to choose from. We provide the common and the new TLDs such as .COM, .NET,  .FAMILY, .SOCIAL and others.

THE WEB GURU also provides emailsolutions

Dedicated Hosting

We have set a well structured, secure and monitored linux hosting, with generous disk quota, generous monthly bandwidth, FTP, Server hosted emails, addon domains and databases.

Our Servers also provide caching for faster browsing

Post Sale Maintenance

THE WEB GURU will not forget your projects post launch and delivery.

We are available for your edits and consultation, and we are ready to implement any new features you may find beneficial to your business

Perfected Security

We keep a close eye on all our projects, updating cores and dealing with bugs, spam, malware and any unwanted energies that might touch your ora.

Our Servers are daily updated and Security is a top priority for us!

Quality 91%
Speed 90%
Pro 81%
Creative 86%
Support 91%