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Luke Fitzgerald has been delivering powerful SEO, Content Marketing and Digital Analytics strategies for local, national and international brands for over a decade.

Luke Fitzgerald 2020-04-28 www.rightfitz.com

Starting out life as an SEO doing the hardest thing to master in the most competitive industry on the internet gave Luke all the skills required to succeed as a leading SEO practitioner.

Thankfully, the trials and tribulations of mastering the art of link building in-house for a global market leader in the gambling sector has thrown up all sorts of fascinating opportunities and blessings in this life-long learner’s career.

Having spent the past five years growing and leading one of Europe’s – and the World’s – most successful agency SEO teams, the following results stand out from the past 12 months’ progress:

  • 19% more organic leads driven year-on-year
  • €27m more organic revenue made by eCommerce clients

The final piece in the triumvirate of ‘things to try in SEO’ now sees Luke test the waters of a new and exciting freelance consulting career, commencing April 2020.


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